This company was incorporated as a Management and Human Resource Consultants. It is an idea developed after a long time working in consulting and helping companies achieve their goals.


Our Values

Long-term Business Partnership. All relationships will build on credibilty leading to comfort. To our partners we are accountable for commitments, results and quality to customers, shareholders, partners and employees.
Our professionalism is a major factor to enable long term partnerships of comfort. We provide our services with excellence, integrity, professionalism, intelligence, imagination and with the highest level of commitment to customer satisfaction.
Our partners acquire the "total cost of ownership" of consulting and International Talent Management Consulting Ltd will focus on consulting that will provide a ROI. International Talent Management Consulting Ltd invests in our partners by providing management or Human Resource services expertise that brings benefits
Full and honest appraisals on organizations or candidates for clients to make the best business advise, hiring, training or consulting decision possible. Financial obligations will be open and honoured.
Each partner has innate value and worth to be preserved and respected. International Talent Management Consulting Ltd will empower people, particularly staff, by affirming, stretching appreciating and developing their talents
Willingness to take on big challenges and see them through exploring acquisitions of key talent and experience; and integrating more deeply with new and existing partners.
For every job there is self-critical, questioning and committed to personal excellence and self-improvement. To give the client the best sevice on an upward trend.
Ability to think outside the box on how best to serve and delight the customer.

CEO's Introduction

Jambo and a very warm welcome.

In an effort to bring International Talent Management Consulting (ITMC Business Partners) closer to you, we have put up this website to give you easy access to your favorite business solution partners. With a simple click you can now navigate to a variety of information of your interest waiting to ease your business headaches.

Catherine Wekesa
Managing Director and CEO