HR Strategy/Systems

As Human Resources become more central to the CEO´s agenda; HR functions need to guide firms in the effective use of their Human Capital, HR policy development as well.

HR Process Improvement

At International Talent Management Consulting Ltd, we identify best practices to help our clients achieve higher effectiveness in HR.

HR Transformation Management

At International Talent Management Consulting Ltd, we identify problem areas, tackling bottlenecks, building relationships of trust and implementing action plans in the HR department as new strategies are implemented.

HR Systems & Architecture

International Talent Management Consulting Ltd believes that the language of individual and organizational competencies provides the integrating framework that is crucial to success in any industry. The heart of an integrated HR system is a common language of performance that connects hiring, performance management, development promotion and succession planning.

Performance Management

International Talent Management Consulting Ltd develops future-focused performance management processes - beginning with business strategy and performance metrics and cascading down to the most critical accountabilities and goals of every employee. Additionally,our performance management processes are relentlessly development-focused to increase the likelihood of achieving stretch targets,and reinforce the joint accountability of managers and employees to ensure success.

Reward Management

We design and/or update/revise a comprehensive employee wage and salary program