HR Service Centre

Based on pre-agreed terms, International Talent Management Consulting Ltd takes on some client tasks such as payroll management, HR administrative and transactional and which in turn enable the client to focus on more strategic issues.

Human Resource Outsourcing

HR outsourcing including personnel outsourcing case studies have indicated that managing human resources involves specialized activities such as training, payroll administration for both skilled and unskilled Labor, employee database management, employee retention,employee benefits and a lot more that many companies either don't have the proper resources or time to manage on their own. By outsourcing your HR functions to ITMC, companies can save huge amounts of money and be free of complications that are otherwise involved in maintaining an internal HR department. By doing so, companies can concentrate on their core competencies saving their valuable time and resources.

Payroll Outsourcing

At International Talent Management Consulting Ltd we allow your company to do what it does best and the nitty gritty of payroll processing is handled by us. Our software is capable compatible with the various laws of Eastern Africa region hence can process payroll across East African community.

Casual Labour Management

At International Talent Management Consulting Ltd we off-load the casual staff master list by absorbing some of the from your organization to ours and handle them as our staff while they become subcontracted to your organization and remove the headache of administration and management of them from you.

Talent Management HR Outsourcing Services

More & more organizations are realizing that their employee´s talents & skills drive business performance and success. Organizations which have already put into practice the Talent Management imperative have uncovered tremendous benefits. In this case we have 8 main talent management HR outsourcing services that you can choose from:

  1. Talent Acquisition and On boarding
  2. Talent Retention and Engagement
  3. Performance Management and Training
  4. Talent Development
  5. Succession Management
  6. Talent Management Strategy
  7. Compensation Administration