Corporate Governance is a governance strategy for the companies to ensure a framework of control for its administrative and management practices. This is done through a collection of procedures that are aligned with recognized standards and that respond to the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders. It ensures fairness, transparency and accountability in the corporate sector and safeguards the interest of all stakeholders, especially the minority shareholders. International Talent Management Consulting´s empirical research also suggests that corporations that adhere to good governance practices tend to attract a better bottom line.

Experts at International Talent Management Consulting, through their experiences in designing corporate structures,highlight six important areas which revolve around the effective corporate governance strategy as shown in the model.Strengthening the mentioned areas forms a tough structure that supports the current and future requirements of the organization in management and control.

International Talent Management Consulting´s Corporate Governance model is strictly aligned with the companies "well-defined" vision, mission, goals, and objectives. We believe in clarity of the purpose of organization´s existence at all levels of hierarchy. Only after that can the essentials of Corporate Governance be defined and implemented.