Will your business plan stand up to the intense scrutiny of sophisticated bankers and investors? Are you worried that your business plan does not address the most salient concerns of your plan´s audience? Interested to find out where your plan stacks up against other company´s business plans?

International Talent Management Consulting´s Business Plan Review provides the insightful, candid and customized suggestions you need to instantly improve your existing business plan, and improve your chances of impressing those in the investor and lender communities.

We read your business plan from cover-to-cover and offer specific section-by-section feedback to improve its organization,presentation,content and appeal. We pinpoint specific areas of strength and weakness and include detailed recommendations for improvement.

International Talent Management Consulting approaches each business plan review from the perspective of an investor or lender,empowering you with the blunt and honest feedback you need to ensure your plan meets the standards expected by savvy investor International Talent Management Consulting´s Business Plan Review service is completed within 7 business days, and includes:

  • Section-by-Section critique and expert analysis of your business plan.
  • List of questions that your business plan does not address - but must.
  • Suggestions and insights to help you answer each question successfully.
  • Personalized write-up covering the critical areas for you to achieve business plan success.
  • Customized business plan outline that will strengthen the organization of your entire plan.
  • Our passion and enthusiasm for improving and preparing business plans - it´s all we do.