International Talent Management Consulting can assist companies in creating its business development strategies,along with marketing and sales plans for growth and profitability. The business development strategy will guide the company to ensure maximization of the sales opportunities that can be created by the sales and marketing team.

International Talent Management Consulting will assist in developing a sales plan from the strategy which provides invaluable direction to the field sales team in achieving the sales objectives and targets. The approach of developing a sales plan is based on the widely accepted concept of SMART – Specific / Measurable / Achievable / Realistic / Time-bound. This goes hand in hand with planning for new products and new markets and steps on how to improve sales and profit margins for existing products and markets. The sales plan is designed within a best practice approach producing repeatable and sustainable results.

International Talent Management Consulting can help companies of all sizes and in all industries to improve its sales capabilities. Additionally, International Talent Management Consulting can design an integration platform through systems applications to support reporting, performance management and lead management. Some of the attributes associated with this approach are:

  • Develop fundamental sales skills
  • Establish a systematic process to lock onto a prospect´s unsaid needs
  • Assess the sales need
  • Separate wish-lists from true requirements and position sales team as a consultative partner in the sales relationship
  • Align proposals, products and services with customer requirements and create a sales planning methodology
  • Present the features and benefits that speak directly to customers´ requirements
  • Cement sales by delivering precisely what the customer wanted
  • Establish a channel of communication that will allow for repeated sales and continuous opportunities
  • Create a sales method for the company and its supporting process
  • Design performance measurements and metrics
  • Create the Sales Competency Model
  • Establish the appropriate technology platform to support the process and data output